Surf City Businessman Creates Social Networking Site to Deal with Jessica Alba Breakup

You go out with the cute little girl on and off for five years, all through high school.

Hanging on your arm is the belle of the prom, but shortly after that you break up. You've got your full life ahead of you, after all. There are still all kinds of girls and women out there for you to hook up with.

Then, 13 years later, you've grown up to become regional vice president of a healthcare company own a website development company in Huntington Beach. Pretty damn respectable. But your high school sweetheart grew up to become Jessica Alba.

Chris Lakkees still hasn't gotten over that. So, he has channeled that regret into a website called

The idea is to shield couples from unnecessary breakups by having them resolve their differences in an online courtroom. Here's how the site explains the process:

Where Every Issue Can Be Resolved

  1. Create an account first or login with any major social network account.
  2. Create a trial. State your side and invite the other person to state theirs. Choose to remain anonymous or put it all out there.
  3. Invite witnesses, share YouTube video evidence, screen jurors, even pick a prize that the loser should owe you if you win.
  4. Let the court of public opinion decide who is right. The person to get the majority of 12 votes wins the case.

Lakkees believes Alba might have stayed with him had RelationshipCourt been around back in the day, tellingĀ TMZ he wished they at least could have stayed friends.

It's quite possible the Pomona-born beauty, who is expecting her second child with her Hollwood producer husband Cash Warren, would say she feels the same way–after receiving the answer to, “Who?”

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