Sun, Fun and Felonies

Three men armed with hammers and baseball bats assaulted each other on a residential street.

Several adults threw food at other customers inside a Del Taco.

A group of men tossed a dead body into a trash dumpster.

A man took off his clothes and drove away in a black Camaro.

A fight broke out in a pet store.

Two men carrying rifles walked through a public park.

A man hurled obscenities and threatened his neighbor's children for singing.

Two eighth-grade students smoked marijuana as they walked down a street.

An intoxicated female drove her convertible Mercedes in endless circles in a parking lot.

A cement mixer was stolen.

Four drunk, homeless men in the park verbally abused passersby.

Someone fired a gun at the beach.

An obese, 5-foot-4-inch man robbed a Carl's Jr.

Middle-aged neighbors fought because one leaned on the other's car.

A man walked up to a woman, said, “Good morning,” and then exposed himself.

A man holding a black bag screamed at an unoccupied school building for 35 minutes.

Juveniles poured soap into a hot tub.

A man shot a neighbor's dog with a rifle.

Prosecutors said a middle school teacher was “grooming” her 14-year-old student for sex.

A man locked himself in his bedroom for three weeks in order to kill himself, emerging only to buy liquor.

The driver of a Dodge Intrepid sped through a front yard.

A customer ordered $600 worth of food at a restaurant, fled without paying and returned to complain about the food's poor taste.

A woman lay down on her apartment balcony, screamed, cried and knocked over furniture.

A man went door-to-door asking residents if they've seen Jesus.

Three teens stole a 30-pack case of beer from a store.

A drunk man hid in a lady's bushes and moaned.

Someone dumped a clothes dryer in the middle of the road at night.

Two 17-year-olds smoked marijuana inside a church.

A man with a handgun stole beer from a 7-Eleven.

Police shot a 19-year-old man with a taser after he tried to enter a vehicle already occupied by two women.

A man wearing a red bucket over his head and somehow driving a van stopped near a 12-year-old girl and said, “You're hot!”

A waitress went ballistic after her boyfriend tossed her drugs away, attacked him and was then arrested.

A 49-year-old man admitted he was drinking alcohol and arguing with his wife, but claims he wasn't drunk when he fired his .357 Magnum at a neighbor's window.

Three men fought in the street, finished, put their shirts on and then ate lunch together at Panda Express.

An illegal immigrant with five aliases was arrested for peeking into a woman's bedroom window.

A police raid found drugs in 10 middle school lockers.

A man drove his car into a wall.

An intoxicated woman walked in and out of traffic on the highway.

Someone spray painted “Why?” onto a car.

*Culled from news and police accounts during the first week of June

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