Sublime with Rome Finally Releases 'Panic,' a New Single That's an Amalgam of Old Sublime Songs

Sublime with Rome have released the first single, “Panic,” from their upcoming album Yours Truly today, and … well, it sounds like an old Sublime song. Actually, it sounds like a bunch of Sublime songs–“Date Rape,” “Saw Red” and “Jailhouse,” to be precise.

Don't believe us? Listen to the song after the jump–we itemized a list of the old (Sublime) tricks new (Sublime with Rome) used in “Panic,” and where you first heard them.

0:08: Almost the same “Saw Red” intro
0:19: Same “Date Rape” verse stylings (“That's when things got out of control”)
0:31: The drop has the same feel, vocal parts and rhythm as “Jailhouse
1:26: same “Date Rape” guitar solo!

Yours Truly is out on Tuesday, July 12. The band is also
opening for 311 on this summer's “Unity Tour 2011,” and make their
Irvine stop on Aug. 20.

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