Suavecita Have Your Shades of Blue

Blue lipstick is not just for Goth kids anymore. Nowadays, everyone from celebrities to your fashionable girlfriend is forgoing the usual 50 shades of red and applying blue, purple or turquoise to lips. Suavecita, the Santa Ana-based, female-centric arm of Suavecito's pomade empire, has launched its own line of adventurous lipstick colors.

There are seven shades to choose from: the wild cards Sirena (blue green), Luna (a dark, midnight blue) and Cosmos (purple), as well as the more conventional Victory (red); Cita (nude); Mirror, Mirror (burgundy red); and Frenchy (pink). As with all Suavecito/a products, the lipstick line is made locally with natural ingredients and extracts including aloe vera, jojoba, honeysuckle and sunflower-seed oil, and—perhaps best of all—everything is cruelty-free. Each option provides long-lasting coverage and a sleek, matte finish that doesn't run when applied.

Denisse Topete, the woman at the helm of Suavecita, designed the line with local beauties in mind and caters to the blend of subcultures within OC, from cholas to rockabillies to hip-hop girls to punk chicks. “It's cool now how girls feel free to be who they are and not have to be labeled as one thing,” she says. “Girls are now into a mix of everything and are up for experimenting.” To her, that blend of vintage styles reinvented into something new is what Suavecita's image is all about.

According to Topete, the most popular shade is Sirena, leading her to believe the use of bold lip colors is more than just a novelty, but an empowering tool for ladies to accentuate their outer appearance and stand out more; she's already looking toward the next series of lipstick shades. “Girls are just more comfortable expressing who they are now,” Topete states. “And part of who they are is dressing however they feel.”

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