Strickland's Making Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream THIS SATURDAY

If you're like me, you're probably a bit low on your supply of Girl Scout Thin Mints right about now. This is why I'm calling Strickland's announcement that they're making ice cream with this most popular of Girl Scout Cookie flavors on Saturday perfect timing.

In my opinion, if anyone's going to do a Thin Mints ice cream justice, it's the ice cream parlor that made too many of our Best Of lists to count.


They did well with Twinkies ice cream a while back, and one of my favorite Strickland's ice cream flavors remains their Red Velvet, which goes to show that baked goods and Strickland's ice cream go well together.

What's there for them to do anyway but crumble the cookies into the churn? It saves me from doing the same thing with a tub of Costco's Vanilla.

See you there.

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