Strangest OC Register Bowdlerization EVER

Back in the days when the Orange County Register was known as the Santa Ana Register, the paper was infamous for twisting phrases to suit the editorial philosophies of owner/old coot R.C. Hoiles–public schools, in perhaps the most famous example, were referred to as “taxpayer-supporter” or “gun run.”

The practice largely died once the Reg became a real newspaper, but a bizarre bit of its past philosophy arose today in a front-page story about a Placentia lesbian couple who had quadruplets.


Per reporter Erika Chavez:

A doctor raised the possibility of selective reduction early in the pregnancy, a medical procedure that would reduce the number of fetuses and thus the risks of complications like premature labor and low birth weight. But a 10-week ultrasound led [Cristine] Gaiennie, 39, and [Patsy] Lovell, 49, to rule it out.

“We saw little arms and legs, and one of them kicked,” Gaiennie said. “We figured this is a gift we got. Let's dive into it and hope for the best.”

Um, doesn't Chavez mean “abortion” instead of “selective reduction,” which is abortion? What's strangest about this passage is that it's the Register we're talking about, not some liberal rag like the Los Angeles Times or yours that's prone to take an ugly word like abortion to PC pendejo extremes. The Register is the paper that takes the care to refer to Know Nothings as “anti-illegal immigration activists,” the daily that muzzles its reporters whenever rabid readers leave their venom on voice mailboxes and Outlooks. Reg brass bends over backwards to placate the conservatives in their audience–and they're referring to abortion as “selective reduction”?!?! Something is rotten in the state of Grand Street, and it ain't the prose of Dillow…

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