Warning to OC readers: This is not punk band The Stitches. Instead, this is Florida rapper-slash-Internet-viral-maniac Stitches, whose “Brick in Yo Face” video catapulted him to worldwide if brief fame earlier this year. The topic was timeless—cash flow problems, better pay up!—but the delivery was positively feral and the visuals were somewhere past “striking.” (Read: AK-47 face tattoo…and barbed-wire-style stitches inked up his cheeks like a Glasgow smile.) Miami New Times dedicated a giant article to poking holes in Stitches’ history—did he really punch everyone he says he punched?—but how much does that matter when he’s up on stage doing his thing? As the New York Times quoted him at a recent show: “Y’all wanna see me do some more cocaine?”

Wed., Dec. 17, 8 p.m., 2014

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