Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams

When, in 2010, ethereal chanteuse Stevie Nicks decided to write and record a new solo album (her first in almost ten years), she enlisted the help of producer, friend, and fellow icon Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Set in her gorgeous home studio, a staff of camera crew capture the in-depth, genius, sometimes maddening creative process of Nicks and Stewart to create In Your Dreams, a magical and bewitching album recalling the golden age of Fleetwood Mac. Nicks fans have long awaited the release of this intimate rock doc, and this week, their patience pays off. Don't miss this release, now screening at the historic Art Theatre, for a peek into the enchanting life of the one and only Stevie.

Sun., April 7, 11:45 a.m., 2013

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