Steven Anthony Sender Held for Getting Eyeful in Orange Coast College Women's Restroom

One good (bad) act of pervitry in a community college women's restroom apparently deserves another. We told you earlier this morning about an unknown guy shooting photos or video of a woman using the restroom at Cypress College:

Pervy Shutterbug Invades College Ladies Room

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa had a similar incident around noon Tuesday–and an arrest has been made.

A woman was in a restroom stall at Orange Coast College, where her friend saw a man rise over the partition between the next stall and peer down. After informing her friend she had unwittingly become a floor show for the dude, they both booked it out of there and went to the Campus Safety office.

Security officers arrived in time to stop a man coming out of the restroom. He was initially
compliant and apologetic until officers asked about his behavior. He darted off but was ultimately detained after a brief struggle.

Costa Mesa Police were notified, and the man was indentified as Steven Anthony Sender, 42, of Santa Ana. He was arrested on suspicion of disorderly
conduct, specifically, engaging in, and loitering at a public restroom with intent to engage in, lewd or
dissolute conduct in a public place.

Officers also discovered Sender was on parole, so a violation of parole was added to his booking charges, and he is being held without bail, according to Costa Mesa Police Lt. Tim Schennum.

Asked if Sender could possibly be the Cypress College perv, Schennum has not yet gotten back to the Weekly.

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