Steve Lodge, Newfound-Latino Anaheim Council Candidate, Decries “Outsider” Attacks Against Him, Loves Outsider Money Supporting Him

Now that the whole world knows who is Anaheim city council candidate Steve Lodge–the pendejo who magically decided to start using a surname he hadn't professionally used in decades, if ever–because of a lawsuit, the well-funded, Republican-backed cop is crying he's the victim of an out-of-towner, anti-Latino conspiracy.

Lodge has taken to Facebook to claim he's been proud of his “heritage” his entire life, and has always used “Steve Chavez Lodge” as his name, even though public records don't show this to be true and even though no one is talking about his right to be proud of his “heritage.” But more ludicrously, Lodge–who has lived in Anaheim a little bit more than a year, if that–is trying to make a campaign issue out of the fact that the lawyer that activist Cynthia Ward isn't from Anaheim, the greatest local hypocritical evasion of one's creepiness since Mike Carona's press conference announcing he captured Samantha Runnion's killer.

You want to whine about out-of-towners influencing Anaheim politics, Esteban? Your latest campaign finance reports show that only 31 percent of your donors during that cycle were from Anaheim–and out of that, half of those came from the network around Anaheim trashman Bill Taormina.

And to claim that Ward is influenced by outsiders is laughable. I've known Cynthia for about a decade now, and few people are more committed to making Anaheim a better place than her, who grew up in the city, volunteers on God-knows-how-many boards, and is a good conservative who values ethics above all, unlike your worthless pendejo vendido ass.

Man, you REALLY want to be in our Scariest issue, dontcha?

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