Steve Chavez Lodge Pokes His Dirty Hands Back into Anaheim Politics Again…and Loses Again

Remember failed Anaheim city council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge? Of course you do. He was on our 2012 OC Scariest People list for conveniently re-remembering his birth surname was Chavez just in time for the Anaheim elections even though he had used only the Lodge name through his professional career, and for being a cop so dirty that he had multiple police-brutality lawsuits filed against him and once had a man jailed for over a year on murder charges that were later dropped. Lodge badly lost the election, Chavez fake name and all, so no idea why anyone would want to associate himself with that loser–yet he still remains in the good graces of the lords of Anaheim.

They're already prepping him for a 2016 council run, and had Lodge pretend to be an concerned citizen last week when he went to court to challenge the ballot designations of Anaheimers running for public office this year. And, Lodge being Lodge, he lodged another loss.


Most of the story can be found at Anaheim watcher Cynthia Ward's analysis here (tip for Cynthia: don't follow in the footsteps of the Bloviator in your writings–just sayin'), but one thing she didn't point out is how laughably similar the arguments put forth by Lodge and his attorney, former Garden Grove councilmember Mark Rosen, were to those written by Matt Cunningham (who outed sex-abuse victims) on the same issue on his pathetic blog this past summer. Cunningham donated $150 to Lodge's 2012 campaign–because losers of a feather stick together, you know?

Anyhoo: Lodge? Stay out of Anaheim politics and stick to getting into–wait, I gotta save that fun for another post…

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