Stay Trippy With The ‘Hippie’ By Venice Cookie Company: Our Toke Of The Week!

Stay trippy with Venice Cookie Co.’s ‘Hippie’ healthy edible (Courtesy of Venice Cookie Co.)

Most edibles are loaded with sugar, gluten, animal products and preservatives, excluding them as options for people who are health-conscious. That’s why edible manufacturers such as the Venice Cookie Co. are so important to the cannabis industry. The Venice Cookie Co. takes the dietary needs of those who are mindful of their health into consideration by producing canna-products as the “Hippie” cookie.

Made with trail mix, granola, and oats, this vegan delight emanates transcendent tree-hugging vibes—and we mean that literally. With one 10-milligram cookie, we got lost staring at the roots of the trees in Mile Square Park and nearly cried because it occurred to us that trees are the wisest of the plants in the plant kingdom and most definitely deserve a hug.

The mix of peanut butter, almonds, cashews and dried cherries in these healthy, delectable edibles add a rich, tart essence that Reese’s wishes it incorporated into its cups. It’s a good thing these little cookies carry a low dose because it’s easy to eat three or four in one sitting. They taste like the food version of a nutty forest during the fall. For an unbelievable pairing experience, dip them in a latte and enjoy!


Available at OC3, 3122 S. Halladay St., Ste. A, Santa Ana.

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