State Has Blood of 4 Women on Its Hands, Alleged Serial Killers' Probation Records Suggest

Records indicate state officials essentially have the blood of at least four women on their hands, as they knew two transients accused of raping and killing the females in Orange County had violated their paroles by associating with each other–and were even deemed “low risk” after they cut off their GPS trackers and fled the state. Twice.


Steven Dean Gordon Confessed He and Franc Cano Slayed 5 Prostitutes: Grand Jury Report

The bombshell comes courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, which reviewed the state probation records of Franc Cano and Steven Dean Gordon at the time of their alleged killing rampage of Orange County prostitutes in 2013 and 2014.

Both were considered compliant with the terms of their parole, showing up faithfully once a week at the Anaheim parole office. One such visit was the morning after victim Martha Anaya was murdered while another was on the day Jarrae Estepp met her end, the Times reports.

Cano and Gordon would often report to the Coronado Street parole office on the same day, at the same hour, sometimes to the same agent, the newspaper noted. But the Times could find no indication in the parole logs and records that the agents investigated the men's association, even though they had twice shed their GPS monitors and fled the state together.

The pair was considered relatively low risk of re-offending, so they received only the most basic supervision, according to the Times, which noted that entailed single monthly visits by a parole officer who could be assigned up to 40 parolees.

The chief of the state parole officers' union alleged in the Times that Cano and Gordon's agents carried workloads that exceeded state safety limits.

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