Starting Today, You Can Get an Ice Cream Brrr-ito at Ben and Jerry's

I'm fairly certain that, after the Churro Ice Cream sandwich and the Milky Bun came out, my friends and I joked around about ice cream burritos. That was the only food delivery system that hadn't been kissed with ice cream, we thought. But who would dare?

Well, today's 4/20 and Ben and Jerry's dares.


Starting today, you can get a Brrr-ito at any Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shops. What you'll get exactly is two scoops of ice cream with cookies and fudge wrapped in a soft waffle-cone-esque wrap thingy. I'll be honest, it does look kind of delicious. If only it weren't Ben and Jerry's ice cream, though.

If you want one, you can go to either the Scoop Shop at The District in Tustin or the one in Long Beach. For more information, check out this website.

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