Starbucks to Offer Free, Easy Wi-Fi July 1

Beginning July 1, all corporate-owned (i.e., not franchised) Starbucks locations will offer free, unlimited, registration-free Wi-Fi to all customers.

Previously, you could only get free unlimited Wi-Fi if you were an AT&T DSL or U-Verse customer, or if you had an unlimited data plan from AT&T Mobility (i.e., an iPhone or a BlackBerry). Now it will be one-click for all, which means the people who are very ostentatiously working on their screenplays will never evacuate their seats.

Non-Starbucks-owned locations (think bookshops and corporate cafeterias) are not included in the deal.

If you're looking for coffee and Wi-Fi minus the camping masses, may I suggest Monkey Business (301 E. Amerige, Fullerton)? The Wi-Fi password is taped up next to the cash register, you'll be drinking better coffee and making a deposit into your karmic bank account.

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