Starbucks Raises Prices in Some Parts of the Country

If Starbucks raised its already high prices would you notice? The question might go in the same rhetorical category as the if-a-tree
falls-in-a-forest-does-it-make-a-sound brain teaser.

The answer is, by the way, “yes”
if someone like me in the press writes about it and makes a big stink. So here goes (tongue firmly in cheek)!

The increase will constitute a whopping 1 percent uptick (that's sarcasm, by
the way) and affect the “tall” size coffees (along with six other
beverages) and only in the Sunbelt and Northeast regions of the country.
So far, the company has excluded California from the list.

But for everybody else affected, this means about 10 cents extra for your tall
decaf latte, which is meant to offset the higher costs of coffee,
fuel and other commodities, according to the company.

So would you have noticed if I didn't say so? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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