Starbucks Opens Its First 'Ski-Thru' in California

​Skiers know the dilemma. During a long, cold day on the slopes, you yearn for a steaming beverage to warm you up, but getting those clunky things off your feet, and then finding a safe place to store them, is so much of a hassle that you'd rather just eat snow.  
Enter the world's first Starbucks ski-thru. Now open in Squaw Valley, a ski resort near Lake Tahoe, the coffee shop lets thirsty visitors ski right up to the service window without shedding any gear. It sounds both like a genius idea and an accident waiting to happen. Hot coffee plus slippery ice? Eek. 


Time notes that this isn't the first ski-thru chain. McDonald's opened McSki atop the Swedish resort of Lindvallen in 1996. 
Check out the CNN video on Starbucks' first ski-thru.   

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