Starbucks CEO the Subject of a Comic Book

Spider-Man, Superman: They may have superpowers, but do they have a worldwide empire and an army of baristas they built up from a local Seattle coffee shop called Starbucks? Howard Schultz became a billionaire and the subject of many a business-school case study, and now he's also a comic-book hero just as the web-slinger and the Man of Steel.


Howard Schultz: The Man Behind Starbucks tells the origin story of how the CEO, once a lowly marketing director,
became one of the most successful and admired businessmen in America. The 32-page comic book was written by C.W. Cooke, with art by Angel Bernuy, reports Advertising Age. IT costs $3.99 for a hard copy, and $1.99 for a digital edition.

Bluewater, the publisher, also produced a Steve Jobs comic book that was a hit on Amazon a few years ago.

All of this sounds great and all, but when will we ever get a CEO who gets his business prowess through radioactivity, you know, instead of regular luck and talent.

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