Starbucks Buys Bakery Chain To Make Its Food Better

It's a common complaint that the food at Starbucks isn't very good–overpriced fodder customers often equate to airplane food if they're being generous. 

Yesterday, Howard Schultz and company announced they plan to do something about their weakness. They've bought up a San Francisco-based bakery chain called Bay Breads and its La Boulange brand for about $100 million.

Its founder, a Frenchman named Pascal Rigo, will oversee food development for the coffeehouse chain. The rollout of the new food items is expected to begin next year, starting at its Bay Area stores. Starbucks also intends to grow the 19 La Boulange stores into more locations across the country in the future.

If all goes to plan, the phrase “Let's have lunch at Starbucks” may not sound as strange as it does now.

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