Star Men Screening is Followed by Q&A with Filmmaker Alison E. Rose

Star Men producer/director Alison E. Rose will answer audience questions after Thursday's 7:30 p.m. screening of her documentary about four astronomers who celebrate 50 years of work and friendship by taking a road trip to the Southwest.

I have not yet seen it, but the Guardian found the film “eminently likable,” adding that it is filled with “enormous charm and food for thought.” says the film “reveals how scientists live and breathe for their work.”

Roger the instrument maker, Donald the theorist, Nick the visionary and Wal the observer embark on the trip to recapture youthful adventures and recount each other’s influences during the most exciting period in astronomy’s history.  

These are star gazers who helped build the world’s biggest observatories and made revolutionary discoveries about the evolving universe.

Filmed in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, and featuring breathtaking landscapes, Star Men relies on POV narration as the men start at the century-old telescope on Mt. Wilson and continue on to larger and more powerful observatories.

They pause at the Grand Canyon, where they re-take a hike that nearly defeated them when they were young.

Not rated, the movie runs an hour and 28 minutes. The Art Theatre is at 2025 E. Fourth St., Long Beach. Phone is (562) 438-5435. Tickets are $8-$11.

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