Stacks Pancake House Coming to Irvine

Stacks Pancake House, winner for Best Pancake in our Best Of Issue last year, currently has two restaurants serving OC: Dana Point and Mission Viejo. Now we've learned that a third is planned for Irvine at Walnut Village Center on Culver and Walnut, whose restaurant tenants currently include Burntzilla, Pizza Hut, Curry House, and Scoops N Scoops.


If you've not yet been, Stacks specializes in Hawaiian breakfasts, and of course, pancakes. Our Mexican-in-Chief once reviewed it this way:

“It first made its name with gimmicky yet delicious pancakes and French toast varieties. The Captain Crunch Peanut Butter French Toast, for instance, is exactly what it sounds like: thick slices of Hawaiian sweet bread coated with fried Captain Crunch and enveloping warm, creamy peanut butter, as gooey and crunchy and sugar-laden as advertised. The Oreo pancake, meanwhile, is the cookie made fluffy, sharp, chocolate-y and creamy. But Stacks could just stick to regular ol' pancakes, and it'd still be a revelation. The “short stack” comes with three flapjacks almost a foot in diameter and as thick as the pre-Great Recession fall issue of Vogue–despite its girth, Stacks' pancake is beautifully moist and full of buttermilk, so much so that butter really isn't necessary. (I've never ordered a regular stack, but three people could comfortably share it.) And whether you order the pancakes or French toast, make sure to drown it all in coconut-spiked syrup, which adds a refreshing sweetness you never knew you needed for breakfast.”

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