Sriracha Shortage Averted … For Now

Finally some good news out of LA County: The Huy Fong Factory in Irwindale that produces Sriracha can continue operations — at least until the end of this chile season.

That should take care of any shortages or price hikes, at least for the next calendar year.


LA Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien decided on Thursday not to issue a temporary injunction that would have closed the plant down in the middle of their peak production season.

“You're asking for a very radical order on 24-hour notice,” O'Brien said to the attorney representing Irwindale. Irwindale had asked the judge to stop all production at the plant until fumes that allegedly caused headaches, burning eyes and throat problems could be reduced.

Huy Fong lawyers argued that not only have they cooperated with the city, but also that there is currently an air quality survey taking place that requires the factory continue producing.

O'Brien scheduled another hearing for Nov. 22 — after the end of the chile harvest — to discuss any potential action. That gives us some more time to stock up for any other potential shortages.

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