Spot the Pedophilia in YouTube Mater Dei Video!

You know those quizzes where folks post the same photo except with tweaks (different-striped tie, etc.)? This isn't one of those–no this is better! Start with viewing this 1987 Mater Dei promotional video:

Now, list the different associations with Mater Dei pedophiles! Answers after the jump!


*The Mater Dei boys' basketball team at the time (and to this day) was coached by Gary McKnight. McKnight, of course, allowed admitted statutory rapist Jeff Andrade back on campus during the late 1990s despite warnings by Mater Dei administrators not to.

*The young lady who hoped to major in the performing arts comes from the same department as our cover boy, admitted statutory rapist Tom Hodgman. And the guy who followed him as Mater Dei choir director, Larry Stukenholtz, also molested a student. Jazz hands for the cuffs, fellas!

*There's a brief flash (pun intended) of students taking pictures for the yearbook. That was the domain of Jerome Henson, who served as an assistant for diocesan communications director (and eventual Orange County GOP chairman) Tom Fuentes. Henson was based at Mater Dei, arriving at the school a couple of years after cops found a 13-year-old boy's legs wrapped around his neck in a graveyard.

*And, of course, the principal at the end was Michael Harris, the man who has cost the Orange diocese millions of dollars in sex-abuse settlements and classified as attracted to adolescent boys by a church-sponsored psychological evaluation. Which makes the last shot of him–surrounded by adolescent boys–especially creepy.

Any connections we missed, gentle readers?

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