Special Ice Cream Flavors at Strickland's This Week for Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day

Strickland's Ice Cream in Irvine can always be counted on to commemorate holidays with special flavors of ice cream. This week's two holidays are no exception. Today, for Cinco de Mayo, they're offering avocado ice cream. And on Sunday, they're churning rose ice cream for Mother's Day.


I've had the avocado before. It's full of the fruit's grassy notes and silky richness–one of my all time favorite Strickland's flavors. And though the rose ice cream is one of those rare flavors that seems to only appear twice a year (for Valentine's and Mother's Day), the avocado is even rarer–I've only seen it offered just on Cinco De Mayo.

So come. Get a cone. And then buy a pint. Or ten.

If they run out of the avocado today, they're also making something they're calling “Oreo Surprise” and a “Chocolate Chocolate Chip”. And hey, chocolate and avocado goes extremely well together, no joke.

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