Speakeasy710 Terpenes: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: Terpenes by Speakeasy710
Price: $50 per bottle
Place of Purchase: Speakeasycbd.com

Terpenes—which are responsible for giving plants their unique aroma and flavor profiles—are one of the most fascinating aspects of the cannabis plant. Cannabis has over 100 known terps in its molecular structure, making certain strains of herb smell like lemon, pine, mango, lavender, clove, etc. So if you’ve ever smelled weed and instantly recognized hints of citrus, you’ve experienced terpenes.

But now you don’t have to smoke or ingest cannabis in order to get the benefits of terpenes. Speakeasy710, a cannabis oil company based out of Long Beach, sells extracted terpenes for you to enjoy however you please. On the contrary, you could also load up your cannabis with extra terps, making your experience extra-fragrant and therapeutic.

The Long Beach oil company offers 15 milliliter bottles of Pinene, which smells like pine and is said to increase mental alertness. Mycrene, giving some strains of cannabis an earthy, herbaceous aroma and is responsible for causing “couch-lock.” Limonene, which causes weed to smell like citrus, and is known to give people an uplifting, positive attitude. Caryophyllene emanates aromas of pepper, spice and wood, and is believed to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties. The last terpene in Speakeasy710’s lineup is Linalool, the lavender and floral aroma which has been used for centuries as a sleep-aid.

Speakeasy710’s extracted terpenes allows you to create your perfect high. But perhaps the most creative way to use the terps is by putting a few drops in the water of your bubbler or bong to keep it from smelling like resin-filled dog crap. If you own a water pipe or know someone who’s owned one, you know how putrid those things can smell after leaving the water in for a few days. Stoners will be stoners— sometimes emptying out the water feels like an impossible task after you’ve toked.

The idea of smoking from a water pipe with terpene infused water sparked fierce curiosity. So much so that I went into my closet and fished out my large pink bong (known to my friends and I as Strawberry Shortcake) that’s been in retirement since college. But as soon as I unzipped the pouch the smell of ancient, college-life resin stunk up my closet. Strawberry Shortcake definitely needed terpene water to bring her back to life— and the pouch did too.

I filled up my bong from the faucet and squeezed five drops of Linalool into the water. The horrid stench of resin evaporated, and my room smelled like a florists shop in the Spring. I packed a bowl of a crystalline purple-hued nug called Grape Ape, a strain a couple friends of mine recently grew. As soon as the flame on my lighter sparked I couldn’t wait to hit the bong— a feeling I haven’t experience since I graduated college. In the spirit of Missy Elliot, I was ready to get my terp on.

While the smoke collected in the chamber of my bong, an underlying floral essence accented the fruity taste of the Grape Ape, which actually did kind of taste like grapes. Upon exhale the floral taste was even lighter than on the inhale, allowing the natural terpenes in the cannabis to come through.

But one thing note: A little bit of terpenes goes a long way. I realized that if I had used a smaller bong or a bubbler, five drops of Linalool would’ve been overkill. It would have overpowered the natural taste of the Grape Ape and made the experience far less enjoyable. I’d recommend using one or two tiny drops in any hand-held water pipe depending on how small the smoking device is. That said, Speakeasy710 has definitely taken the terpene experience to another level.

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