Sparkle*Jets UK tonight! (And Don't Forget FOXY on Saturday)

So I come back to the Weekly, and all my favorite bands seem to be playing again after long layoffs. Tomorrow night, there's the Foxy reunion show, but tonight at Fitzgerald's Irish Pub in Huntington Beach (19171 Magnolia St.), it's the return of the pop-tastic Sparkle*jets UK (I was never fond of that asterisk they have in their name, but I'll be a sport just this once).

Not only will there be fantastic music from one of OC's iconic power-pop bands (go on—click 'em up at, but the county's other pop icon, Walter Clevenger, is also on the bill, rocking eardrums with his band the Dairy Kings. Also on tap: Kenny Howes, the Barry Holdship Four, and the Popdudes featuring Robbie “Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch” Rist, who's actually grown up and become something of a musical genius.

Aaaaannnd….it's also a party, as sonic know-it-all John Borack, one of the minds behind the annual International Pop Overthrow fest, celebrates the release of his book, Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power-Pop Guide. I sense at least one Raspberries reference….

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