Sparkle Con 2.0

At 23b Shop, the curious DIY maker who builds/rebuilds their own gadgets reigns supreme; makers can get hands-on in electronic, computer, leatherwork, automotive, metal, or even jewelry-making projects with available tools and equipment without cost. This weekend they’ll be hosting Sparklecon 2.0, the second annual installment of a whimsical hackerspace convention for fellow DIY hackers, and expanded to a full weekend instead of last year's one-day event. You can expect talks on cutting metal properly, building circuits in Minecraft, video game challenges, a discussion on firearms, and even a musical guest: Timon Marmex, who uses analog gear to play psychedelic chiptunes. On today's schedule: a 3D scanning/printing demo, home improvement class, and a 'crappy robot battle' for makers with scant budgets.

Jan. 23-25, noon, 2015

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