Space Cookies: Our Toke Of The Week

Strain: Space Cookies
Dispensary: From the Earth
3023 S. Orange Ave Santa Ana, CA 
Price: $20 per gram; $55 per eighth.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly medical marijuana review column, Toke of the Week. In this space, our stable of card-carrying cannabis connoisseurs will be reviewing all the latest strains, edibles and other cannabis-related products. Whether you are a cancer survivor trying to wean yourself from prescription medication or just a typical clinically overstressed suburban smoker, this column is your go-to destination for all-things ganja.

As Girl Scout season’s in full swing, I figured no other ganja would better compliment my stash of frozen Thin Mints than an eighth of Space Cookies—the genetic relative of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), California’s indica sweetheart. Something about the pairing intuitively made sense, just like watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. So when I learned that From the Earth, one of Santa Ana’s legal medical marijuana storefronts, had Space Cookies in stock, I had to swing by.

Among Cannasseurs (connoisseurs of cannabis), Space Cookies is known for its ability to launch users into another realm of time and space, while creating feelings of intense euphoria and full body relaxation. Its effects make the strand popular among those who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, migraines, physical pain, depression and insomnia. 

The eighth I bought is mostly comprised of smaller nugs, a characteristic feature of this strain. The small, popcorn shaped marijuana nuggets are masked in thick layers of tricomes, or crystals, giving the weed a milky-green color. The dark orange hairs dispersed throughout the flower appear more prominent as a result. Under the light, however, the herb’s beauty is put on display as the tricome crystals sparkle like diamonds.

After 10 minutes of hypnotic inspection, I finally sparked up. Upon inhale, the smoke tasted a bit earthy. With the exhale, however, sweeter notes dominated the taste.

In three cloudy puffs, the stresses of the day disintegrate. There was a noticeable feeling of lightness throughout my body, as I lie on my yoga mat with my limbs spread wide. Lifted by the strain’s 27 percent THC content, my mind lost itself in the song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” by Crosby Stills, Nash & Young. Even though it’s one of the most played songs in my iTunes, I was convinced I’d never heard it before.  

Images of mint chocolate cookie heaven invaded my zen and aborted my yoga plans. I didn’t even get to the third pose of my sun salutation before I made a spastic dash for the kitchen. I opened the freezer but, alas, my Thin Mints were gone, and now I was too Space Cookied to do anything about it. 

I settled for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked instead, and got half way through it before I began melting into the couch. Proceed with caution when using the Space Cookie— it’s a force to be reckoned with.

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