Soy-Based Food Products Dropping in Popularity

I have green-type friends and acquaintances who long ago abandoned soy milk and most soy-based products, calling it the “new” corn in that the product is now EVERYWHERE. They switched over to coconut milk, almond-based foods–anything but soy.

Those radicals, of course, are a mega-minority in the United States, but they are also usually ahead of the trend on food issues–and lo and behold, soy-based food products have declined in sales for the past five years.

Advertising Age broke the story this morning, pointing to various trends in food that explains the drop: “rising soybean prices, new alternatives and the fickleness of health-conscious consumers.”

Like my friends!

The article also notes that gluten-free products are the new rage, and my amigos have been on that kick for years. But already, some are complaining and moving on to…well, that's a post for another time.

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