Southern Culture On The Skids

Chances are if you came of age in the last couple of decades listening to bluesy country with a surfin' twist, you would have heard Southern Culture On The Skids. Encompassing the Southern twang of rockabilly and adding a punk attitude and surf guitar, this North Carolina band has the bluesy fever of The Cramps with the party animal vibe of The B52s. Throw in a cheeky humor about their own Southern-ness with songs like “My House Has Wheels,” “Too Much Pork For One Fork,” and “Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl,” and you've got a wild rock n' roll group that's been prolific since '92. Time to welcome them back to Orange County tonight at the Constellation Room where they play with He's My Brother She's My Sister.

Fri., Aug. 16, 8 p.m., 2013

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