South County Band Movements Spearhead OC’s Latest Emo Revival

During a recent tour through the US, Movements were stopped in their tracks by the bane of every band’s existence: a broken down tour van. A piece of the engine gave out while on the road and left them stranded in rural Idaho for a few extra days. Despite the setback, the opportunity to make the best out of a bad situation came when they stumbled on an outdoors/hunting store, where they bought some bow and arrow starter kits. They spent the next few days roaming the hills and mountains shooting at trees for target practice.

“It was an awesome time despite the van troubles,” says long-haired drummer Spencer York. “To this day we still bring our bows and arrows on tour.”

This kind of outdoor fun sounds like a pastime this outfit of young South County twentysomethings would pine for on their latest EP, Outgrown Things. But the ability to have fun and stay focused is just important now for the up-and-coming band.

Since signing to Fearless Records last year, the quartet have become one of the strongest new bands on the emo revival circuit. Since releasing their debut single “Protection,” the OC-based label signed a contract with the band to do an EP and 3 full length albums.

The Mission Viejo quartet started by self-releasing three singles at the beginning of 2015: “Protection,” “Buried,” and “Scripted.” The songs were an amalgam of driving, pounding drumbeats, big guitar hooks and visceral screams intertwined with melodic vocal melodies. Bands like Title Fight, La Dispute, or Touche Amore instantly come to mind while sifting through their growing discography. The singles gained a lot of attention as the band promoted themselves the old-school way, passing out fliers outside of venues.

“We had our first gig at Chain Reaction in January 2015 after going around giving out flyers and spreading the word on social media,” York says. “I’d say that first show was the most memorable one because a surprising amount of people were singing along to our songs, something none of us experienced in previous bands. It was simply unreal to say the least.”

The uncompromisingly raw, confessional lyrics by singer Patrick Miranda are one of the main keys to their fan base, along with the frenetic energy they produce on stage. “Since the first demos we released we have grown a lot as musicians. Something that shows in this record,” York says. “Patrick has grown a lot vocally since the start of the band as well.”

The band’s cohesive track list on the new EP tells a tale about growing up and facing the loss and uncertainty that we all experience along the way.

To support the release of their EP, Movements are going on tour with fellow Fearless label mates Real Friends, but with an unexpected twist. The entire tour is going to be at unconventional venues such as bowling alleys, skate parks, burger joints, etc. and every ticket is only $5. This is the band’s way of giving back to the fans and supporting local music scenes across the country.

The concept was devised by Real Friends, who’ve played big stages and large tours for the past few years. They figured that it would be a very personal and humbling experience for their fans and themselves to make a DIY feeling tour. Some might say no matter where they perform, Movements are masters in the art of bonding with their fans with their songs and the perilous obstacles (and broken tour vans) that inspire them.

“Our music can be very sad, but we are sharing our experiences with our listeners so that they will realize they are not alone,” York says. “We all go through hard times but with the help of others we can be strong and turn a negative into a positive.”

Movements perform with Real Friends at Programme Skate and Sound, 2495 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton (714) 798-7565, Sold out. All ages. For more info on Movements, visit

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