Sound Strike Declares Arizona Toy and Food Drive a Success

The Sound Strike, an organizational campaign led by Rage Against the Machine and One Day as a Lion front man Zack de la Rocha designed to enlist musicians to boycott Arizona over Senate Bill 1070 and other anti-immigrant policies, have just declared their recent toy-and-food drive a success. In celebrating Dec. 18's designation as International Migrant's Day, the Sound Strike reported via e-mail and a new YouTube video that 40 tons of food were delivered to the state and additional donations helped purchase 2,000 more toys for children in need.

A study of a segmental impact of the comprehensive boycott of Arizona has found that the state lost $140 million in convention business this year. The Sound Strike's most recent activist effort in keeping with the boycott was not in transgression of it–they stated that “the potatoes, oranges, beans and rice were bought by PUENTE in California from Native American co-ops. The food was packaged by volunteers from the PUENTE Barrio Defense Committees.” 

At the toy drive/food-distribution event in Phoenix, de la Rocha told the crowd, “So many of us forget the experiences of the chavalitos, and so, today, we really wanted to get together, put on an event for them. Many of them are struggling in this part of the year. Many of them are missing family members and friends. They've been separated from their families. We just want to honor their courage.”

As part of the effort, the ladies of Girl In a Coma gave a free performance. The San Antonio, Texas, trio are not an overtly political band, but they got involved in the action. Part of the band's stay included a “tour” of Arizona, so to speak, including a visit to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous “Tent City.”

Girl In a Coma posted to their Facebook fan page a reflection on the experience that  emphatically ended with the denunciation, “Shame on Sheriff Joe Arpaio!”

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