Someone Got Stabbed at the Cattle Decapitation Show Last Night

Cattle Decapitation might be considered the vegan masters of deathgrind, but that doesn't stop their head banging fans from going out for each other's blood from time to time.

Two men were hospitalized after a fight at the band's show at 13th Frame Lounge in La Habra last night, authorities say. One victim suffered a superficial stab wound to the neck, and the other was knocked unconscious in a fight that started around 11:30 p.m. The incident started in the lounge and eventually spilled out into the street, La Habra Police Department Sgt. Ron Hurst says. About 150 people showed up to the gig. A knife was also recovered by authorities at the scene.


Bystander Valerie Zerby, 30, of Placentia says the fight actually started between a man and woman who were arguing near the mosh pit during the show. According to Zerby, the woman in the fight threw the first punch before the man retaliated. That's when things in the crowd went from rowdy mosh pit to a full-blown fracas.

“He punched her back and then everybody jumped on him,” Zerby says.

Zerby was also standing next to the man who was stabbed before he got involved in the fight. When he came out of the scuffle he had a laceration on his neck and was gushing blood.

“The next thing you know this guy comes back over to where I was and says 'dude I got stabbed, I got stabbed!'” says Zerby. “I told the bartenders to call 911…no one did anything.”

Authorities showed up about 10 minutes later and the gig was cut short (pardon the pun).

The show had been set up by Doll Hut owner Mac McGarvey who was not at the venue at the time of the stabbing. Though the night ended in chaos, Zerby says it's sad that a fight started by a couple people could have potentially ruined a good thing for McGarvey and 13th Frame, who hosts many of his shows there when he's not booking the Hut.

“It sucks because people are always trying to say we don't have local music and here we have a guy like Mac trying to put on shows like this one and people just ruin it.”

Luckily, no actual decapitations occurred during the brawl. Reports say both men were treated for the injuries at an area hospital.

Here's a video of last night's show. Though you can't see the stabbing, the band does get asked to end their set early. And of course the last compassionate quote from someone in the audience: “Fuck that guy who got stabbed in the throat!”

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