Somebody is Reading Jennifer Delson

We've always been big fans of Los Angeles Times SanTana reporter Jennifer Delson because her stories are how journalism should be: hard-hitting, about unserved communities, and making a difference. And her skills have never been more evident than this past weekend, when Delson wrote a piece about the robo-calls infiltrating SanTana households this past weekend in support of Measure D, a topic we already discussed. She revealed that the message “does not identify who is paying for the call, a violation of state law.”

Somebody is reading Delson, because SanTana residents received another robo-call over the weekend, this one voiced by councilmember (and the primary benefactor if Measure D passes) Claudia Alvarez. Identifying herself as mayor pro tem, Alvarez repeats the myths that Measure D is for “democracy” and “gets developers and special interests from taking over City Hall,” the last point being particularly hilarious since Alvarez's main political papi Robert Bisno is the primary funder behind the Yes on Measure D campaign. At the end of her message, Alvarez says something curious: she identifies the PAC behind the call. Listen below:

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Congrats, Jennifer, for making a difference. And Claudia: congrats on reading your Papi Pulido-approved script without whispering “pendejos” at the end!

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