Some Mexican Named Albert Pujols Starts His Career Today with Your Anaheim Angels

Sad but true: outside of Coker, Dulaney, and myself no one gives a shit about baseball at Weekly World Headquarters because we're a bunch of commies who think sports is the opiate of the American masses.

So what's this we hear about some Mexican named Pujols causing a big fuss about joining your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim? That has the Orange County Register treating his arrival with 24-hour news coverage as if he's the Second Coming of Reagan?

When I told the Weekling that we should send a photographer for a slideshow, one actually asked when “Starting Day” was–HILARIOUS!

Anyhoo,the pride of the Dominican Republic and clean-living athletes–Tebow before Tebow–Albert Pujols had a great spring training in Arizona, not only NOT getting arrested by Arpayaso's goons but batting .383 and launching more than a few bombs to strike fear into the American League. Barring any Mo Vaughn-esque catastrophes, Pujols should bring out the best in the vets (Torii Hunter), the established homegrown cats (Weaver, Kendrick), and the rooks like Trumbo and that other guy from OC who's name I can't remember…CJ Wilson? Make sure to tip your scalper extra tonight when you desperately try to get in at 7 p.m.–see you there!

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