Solorio: Latino Lawmakers Won't Block OC Fairgrounds Sale

We told you here that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed off on selling the Orange County Fairgrounds to Costa Mesa but that the California Legislature's Latino caucus was still threatening to block the deal because of the city's stance on illegal immigrants. Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa
Ana) now says he and his fellow caucus members will not block the sale.

The Los Angeles Times has the scoop.

Solorio adds that he and other caucus members remain disappointed that the City Council declared Costa Mesa a “rule of law” city, which symbolically pulls out the welcome mat for the undocumented.

However, the caucus considers that “a separate conversation” from the fairgrounds sale, and that lawmakers just want the best deal for taxpayers, according to Solorio.

The state tentatively accepted Costa Mesa's $96 million offer for the 150-acre property to help raise much-needed funds for the state budget.

“I think we're at the stage that the city has worked in good faith with the state,” Solorio tells the Times. “I'm going to sit down with both the city and the state to learn about the agreement and make sure it's good for the residents of Orange County, and also good for the taxpayers of California, and find out if I could possibly help the city move forward with the proposal.”

He expressed confidence his fellow caucus members will follow suit.

City Councilwoman Katrina Foley tells the Times she appreciates that.

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