Soledad Goats Now at Long Beach Marina Farmers Market

We don't give Long Beach much love around here, but when it comes to Sunday farmers markets, the Marina market far outshines anything here in these fair orange acres. It's the largest market south of Hollywood, and like Hollywood, it finally has a Soledad Goats booth.

Soledad Goats, for those who don't know, is SoCal's best goat cheese producer. Julian and Carol Pearce run a no-kill farm, which means that elderly goats past their milk-giving years are given pasture to roam around in until they keel over. (No, there is no goat meat for sale. You will have to continue shopping in Santa Ana or Little Saigon.)

They specialize in chèvre, the soft, fresh goat cheese, in various flavors, or rolled into balls and marinated in herbed olive oil. They make goat jack and goat cheddar cheeses, and an absolutely addictive Greek-style yoghurt that's got more tang than Fage could ever hope to have, and they also grow kiwi fruit. (No, we don't know why, either.)

They're best known for their presence at the OC juggernaut of farmers markets on Saturdays near UCI, but they just started at the Marina market (officially the Long Beach Southeast market). Find them in the south end of the market, near the bread and prepared food vendors.

The Long Beach Southeast Certified Farmers Market operates from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. along Marina Way, half a block south of 2nd St. Find them online at Find Soledad Goats online at

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