Soho Taco's New Blue Corn Tortilla Lobster Taco is Amazing–And Only Available in July

Every other month, I get Soho Taco to cater us Weeklings during lunch, a ritual so beloved that we named a taquiza by them the best dish of 2012. As a result, we get the luxury of eating chef Gabriel Zambrano's experiments–spectacular nachos, stupendous salsas, and the mysterious all-cheese taco. The only complaint I have with Soho–and I told this to Gabe in his face–was that these experiments never make it onto the regular menu, because the Soho guys are perfectionists a bit much.

Well, I guess I must've insulted Gabe enough, because one of his specialties is making its debut this Sunday for Tacolandia (run by Weekling Bill Esparza): the blue corn tortilla lobster taco, the single greatest seafood-based taco in OC EVER.


It's a seemingly simple-enough taco: lobster, cheese, a sauce, repollo, and the tortilla. But, as with all of Soho's creations, it's all about the attention to detail. The blue corn tortilla not only adds color but also its unique earthy flavor; the lobster, cooked soft yet firm, is juicy and buttery. And then there's Soho's secret seafood sauce, a tangy, slightly spicy, completely chingón manna of mexicanidad. Douse some of their jalapeño salsa or salsa de aceite, and it's an Ensenada in your mouth.

Can't make it to the sold-out Tacolandia this Sunday? Soho is planning to offer this blue corn tortilla lobster taco as their July special–and then it might just disappear. Buy it enough, though, and it'll become a regular. So, to quote a wise man, DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

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