Soho Taco's Catering Business Is Wonderful

Oh, how we at this infernal rag love Soho Taco—no need to explain the worth of its product, since we've written about the tacos and food truck many times over the years, calling it the co-best restaurant in OC in 2011, makers of our favorite dish in Orange County in 2012, and blogging about it probably more in that time than any OC subject not named Tony Rackauckas. We love Soho so much that when it came time to celebrate our 20th anniversary last week, we had Soho cater the party—about 40 alumni, which is a small party for the family-owned company, given its bread-and-butter is weddings. It's not a cheap proposition—there's a reason why we also called Soho the Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying some years back—but in the world of catering, it remains a bargain and is JUST FUCKING AWESOME AND YUMMY. . . . MMM . . . SOHO TACOS . . .

So what can you expect with a Soho taquiza (the Mexican Spanish term for a taco catering)? First, drop my name: that'll tell chef Gabe Zambrano and his cooks you know what's up, and they'll open up the secret menu (more on that in a bit). Tell the Zambrano family how many people, what dates, and whether you want Jarritos or other such drinks; they'll give you a range of options, from handmade tortillas to awesome carne asada to luscious shrimp to one of the better veggie tacos in the county. Agree to the price, and they're off. Two guys or girls will show up and set up the grill; in some cases, they've actually climbed it up stairs, so committed they are to the customer! Then listen to your guests rave about the food for weeks to come.

It's been awesome to see Soho explode from just a solitary cart to an empire that frequently caters 18 events in one weekend, including the parties of Hollywood stars (the only one I can share: Edward James Olmos). Oh, as for the secret menu? It can be anything from a special meat cut to an insane taco called a queko whose “tortilla” is cheese melted on the spot. What the hell are you waiting for? Call today!

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