Soho Taco Finally Gets Wheels

We've given Soho Taco a lot of love on this blog. The familia Zambrano make great tacos, which is reason enough–but it felt a little odd, a little hollow, because the only way you could get the tacos was to go to one of their sampling events or to hire them as a caterer.

No more–as of today, the Soho Taco lonchera is on the road.


The menu served at last night's official launch is essentially the same as the catering service's, though the Zambranos have heeded the call from their fans: The busiest person on the truck is the guy frenetically pressing tortillas to order–thick, hot, some of the best in the county.

​When it comes to meat, our advice is to skip the beef, laced with far too much of that Knorr-y sazón common to meat counters in carnicerías countywide. Go for the unmatched shrimp tacos with chipotle crema and the insanely good vegetable tacos (yes, really). All come with your choice of very credible salsas; make sure to not skip the pebbles of queso añejo if they're available.

Tacos are $2.50 or $3, depending on filling; while this is quite a price for tacos, they're filled generously and worth the money for the most part. The truck currently has only a few dates in OC scheduled; find them tonight at FIND Artspace, 1640 Superior Ave., Costa Mesa. Search for its whereabouts at

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