In an interview with MTV, famed Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg shared a few of his New Year's resolutions with the kids. No, he's not talking about leaving his weapons and/or marijuana at home before he tries to board airplanes, and no, he's not promising to finally release a rap album that doesn't totally suck. Instead, Snoop says he's going to open a chain of grocery stores called “Snoopermarkets.”

That's right: Snoopermarkets.

Get it?

One can imagine how Snoopermarkets will compete with larger, established grocery chains. Will it aim for the high-end health-food customers who shop at Big Lots! or go for the ghetto crowd who shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Hmmm. Either way, it's hard to know how serious Snoop is about entering the foodstuffs industry. He's apparently going to have a busy year. MTV reports he's also going to introduce a new clothing line called “Rich and Infamous,” a line of pet-care products and record albums with the likes of Madonna, Mick Jagger and Bono.

“I'm on some rock shit, man,” he says. “Snoop Dogg, man! Rappers don't really move me too much. They can't do what I did. I'm trying to get down with something that's outta the box and bigger than me.”

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