Jailhouse Snitches “Puppet” and “Bouncer” Get Way More Than Stitches

Orange County’s two most famous—and, perhaps, richest—jailhouse informants have spurred a tweak to the saying, “Snitches get stitches.”

For when it comes to Raymond “Puppet” Cuevas and Jose “Bouncer” Paredes, that old chestnut should read: “Snitches get stitches but to help heal the stitches, snitches Puppet and Bouncer can tap into $335,000 Southern California law enforcement paid them over four years.”

That tax dollar burning figure turns up in Orange County Register investigative reporter Tony Saavedra’s piece on California Assembly Bill 359, which would limit how much jailhouse snitches can be paid. The bill is headed for the Assembly floor after a unanimous Public Safety Committee vote Tuesday.

Pity Puppet and Bouncer: They may have to do with store-brand almond milk instead of Silk.

Read our own R. Scott Moxley’s extensive (and award-winning) coverage of the Orange County jailhouse snitch scandal, which includes a profile of Puppet and Bouncer.

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