S’mores Brownie Trikom Treat: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: S’mores brownie Trikom Treat—150 mg
Price: $12 / edible
Location: The Joint; 1325 East Andrews Place, Santa Ana, Ca 92705

trikom treats

Trikom Treats are probably the most alluring of all edibles. It’s not often one can resist the look of a decent-sized cookie or brownie overloaded with delicious toppings that range from M&Ms, marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts and gram crackers. Compared to the other edibles in the refrigerated section of the Joint, choosing the s’mores brownie Trikom Treat seemed like a no-brainer—everything looked pretty plain in comparison. I mean, why have a normal pot brownie when you can have a marshmallow and gram cracker-covered brownie instead?

When I took the edible out of the package, my hands were instantly sticky. Although the contents of the brownie look solid, I was shocked to find how gooey it was. But gooey baked goods generally indicates freshness, which is important when it comes to taste and quality. The downfall to my S’mores treat is that if I ate the whole thing— which is tempting because of its aesthetics— I’d be stoned for days. With that in mind, I cut off a quarter of the marshmallow-draped brownie, which breaks down to roughly 40 mg of THC. The taste of cannabutter was definitely strong, but the consistency of the brownie combined with the ‘mallow/gram cracker fusion balanced out the taste pretty well. On a scale of deliciousness, I’d rate it a 6.5substantially better than most high dose edibles.

Within 40 minutes I felt heaviness in my eyes and about 10 minutes after that, cotton mouth consumed my life. Huntington Beach doesn’t have enough water in the aquifer to combat the level of cotton mouth I experienced. It was borderline debilitating. Over the next two hours, my mouth felt like the Sahara Desert (not to be confused with the rave tent at Coachella). While lying on the couch trying to figure out a solution to combat the overwhelming parched sensation, it got me thinking why cotton mouth even happens. I was under the impression that cotton mouth occurs less the more often you consume cannabis. Obviously, that assumption was far from correct.

I grabbed my computer to Google why cotton mouth happens. After about an hour of distraction consisting of looking at Facebook and forgetting what I was doing, I found that THC sometimes acts similar to anandamides. That was as far as I got in my research before my brain couldn’t stop thinking about ways in which to procure revitalizing coconut water. So, I went to the store to buy some.

After a 12-hour hibernation, I opened up my computer again to find my half way completed research. What I discovered is that the salivary glands in our mouths have cannabinoid receptors in them. In layman’s English: these CB-1 and CB-2 receptors send messages to the brain, and the central and peripheral nervous systems. Apparently THC sometimes acts similarly to anandamide, which is a messenger molecule that plays a role in pain, depression, appetite, memory, and fertility. This messenger molecule, however, can cause a temporary reduction in saliva production by acting on the receptors.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to the Trikom Treats because of how intense the cotton mouth was. But I’ll be forever grateful to the Trikom S’mores brownie for encouraging me to figure out why cotton mouth happens.

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