Smile for the 10 Ugliest Police Mugshots of 2011

On several Fridays this year, we've presented the Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Week.

But what about the Ugliest Police Mugshots of the Year?

Glad you asked.

After the jump are the 10 ugliest of the ugliest, which were mostly culled from our semi-weekly selection, although we also tossed in some others that came to mind while putting this sucker up.

1) We called this photo of James Christopher Corr, who is accused of carjacking and crashing a car with a 2-year-old and Saint Bernard riding inside, a 1st Ballot Ugly Police Mugshot Hall of Fame entry when we posted it Nov. 4.

2) Any sympathy anyone possibly could have had for Scott Evans Dekraai, who is accused of being the worst mass killer in Orange County history for allegedly killing not only the ex-wife he was embroiled in a child-custody dispute with but seven other innocents nearby, disappeared when he laughed his way through his booking photo shoot. Don't be surprised if this is entered as part of his insanity defense.

3) More than one online commenter has remarked that it's difficult to fathom how even a 17-year-old got it up for Gay Davidson-Shepard, a now-retired Huntington Beach teacher and former teacher association president accused of sexually tag-teaming a teen with her husband, the boy's former high school science teacher.

4) Whoa, Marten Joseph Brandel, look over here! At the lens! The cross-eyed vagrant, who we also nominated as an Ugly Police Mugshot Hall of Fame first-ballot entrant, was finally apprehended eight months after he allegedly hung a noose in the doorway of the Santa Ana office of Equality

5) When Huntington Beach Police were provided a description of the man who extorted “protection money” from a downtown street performer, officers quickly nabbed Richard Brian Tuthill. Looking at his tatted face and neck, it's easy to see why the La Palma 43-year-old failed to blend in.

6) This distraught pose made Joshua Allen Robey an Ugly Police Mugshot of the Week “winner.” But the crime he is accused of is uglier: wrapping a blanket around his
infant son's neck,
picking up the 2-month-old by lifting the ends of the blanket like a noose, swinging the baby around for more than a minute, punching the child several
times in the chest with closed fists, repeatedly slapping the child and grabbing him by the
throat with both hands, lifting him in the air and violently shaking
him and, as his pride and joy cried, covering his mouth with one
hand, grabbing him by the neck with the other and shaking him
in the air. Ug-ly!

7) “Lady looks like a duuuuuu-uuuude . . .” What? Huh? No, there's no particular reason I'm singing that while looking at the mugshot of convicted serial arsonist Jan Marie Spires.

8) It's easy to see why 300 lbs.-plus dental assistant John Rodriguez flashed his penis at girls walking to local middle and high schools, as that was likely the only way someone of the opposite sex would ever get a gander at his junk.

9) Compared with many on this list, the case against Juan Carlos Villanueva is minor, involving breaking into a Westminster public storage locker (although the owners of the public storage locker may beg to differ). But what propelled the Midway City 22-year-old–yes, them is a lot of road years on that face–to ugly mug status is that look, a combination of “Who you looking at?” and “I didn't do nothing.”

10) This picture was posted when Joseph Hyungmin Son won ugly mug “honors,” when he was convicted of torturing a woman who was picked up off a Huntington Beach street on Christmas Eve 1990 and raped, and again when the actor and former mixed-martial arts fighter was subsequently accused of killing his cellmate. Son, of course, played Dr. Evil's torturing henchman Random
Task in the 1997 comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Guess he's a method actor.

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