Smart Patrol: Ultimate Tribute to Devo

In the beginning was Devo, born in an Ohio basement and cursed with twin abilities to recognize and remember, which led them to produce a searingly clear vision of our crypto-dystopic future disguised as the songs that happen when some record exec goes, “Yeah, love the outfits, but we need you to do something that sounds more like the Knack.” And now in 2015, there is Smart Patrol, a band paying Devo tribute in the same way that cavemen might pay tribute to the semi-functioning artificial intelligence flickering on and off within the wreckage of a crashed spaceship—which is to say they pay tribute totally, with reverence and gusto. In fact, they just celebrated ten years bringing home the bacon last month. So ask yourself: Can U Take It?

Wed., April 8, 9 p.m., 2015

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