Witches Walk The Streets Of Downtown Santa Ana

On a side street off Broadway and 2nd St. of downtown Santa Ana, witches, herbalists, fortune tellers and artists organized in a farmers-market style fashion and set up their tabletop shops for both curious onlookers and a crowd of seriously mystical buyers. A seemingly odd event for the middle of summer, the witch themed art fair, The Witch Walk,  proved to be beyond the world of Halloween, as the Hype Priestess holds the event every month with a number of very serious vendors. Walking through the short section of shops, there were a number of unique services available including, tarot card pulls, animal communication, healing, and spell casting. Most booths sold trinkets and items that are common on the popular online marketplace, Etsy. Crystals, herbs, wish bottles, elixirs, tea, and spiritual jewelry were all available for purchase. Most of the items on display were themed around, positivity, protection, and healing. 

Offering a welcoming environment of smiling faces, the event attracted a diverse crowd. The market opened with an other-worldly, live musical performance, consisting of singing, a tambourine, and a rainstick. By 6PM the street was full of shoppers. While some were clearly dressed to the occasion, wearing gothic dresses and black lipstick, there were also a number of casual families, and couples wandering about enjoying the oddities of the marketplace. 

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    1. Jesus is the head commander of the supernatural. Has anyone figured out why people grow up thinking He’s mad at them? lol

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