Winter at Bear Mountain: The 18-Foot Half Pipe is Now Open!

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Big Bear Mountain Resort had some fresh white powder over the weekend along with new installations that will have the snow birds salivating: An 18-foot half pipe ready be shredded and a new S-Rail and the Gambler jump is now open. So pack your bindings, boots and boards. Purchase your tickets 72 hours in advance and get a %20 discount or purchase a season passes starting as little as $389 for children, $549 for teen and $599 for adults. If you need rentals don’t worry, Big Bear Boards, a ¬†convenient local snow shop (not affiliated with the Bear Mountain) is there for all your helmets, boots, boards, etc. Big Bear Mountain is a perfect destination this winter for¬† friends and family to getaway, located only two hours away.

2 Replies to “Winter at Bear Mountain: The 18-Foot Half Pipe is Now Open!”

  1. Wondering if you could email me the picture of my group, its the 10th photo of the group with all our tongues sticking out and the guy holding a new board in cardboard. Thank you!

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