OC Pride 2019

If you didn’t leave pride this weekend with glitter on you, did you even go to pride? This year’s pride was full of love and support. It started off with a parade, then it evolved into a mini festival with performances at various stages and vendor booths giving away free condoms or informative information, depending on which one you ended up at (angel face emoji).

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  1. I was there and so proud to be apart of this fun out and about event. Thanks for the pics you took. Did you do an artical on this?

  2. Great series of photos…. Thank you so much for covering OC Pride 2019.

    Especially loving that image of MenAlive in the parade (Orange/reddish jeep with blue and orange teardrop flags) We would love to post that (and possibility other images) on our social media @MenAliveChorus If it’s so trouble, please email image to john@ocgmc.org, we will make sure to credit you. Thank you for giving the community a voice!

    -John Nguyen,

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