Hotel Workers Protest in Anaheim on Harbor and Katella

Hotel workers made their own contribution to the weekend-long NAMM convention last night by forcing Anaheim hotels to face the music when it comes to how their treat their workers. Thousands of protestors including employees of the Sheraton Park and Anaheim Hilton hotels took to the streets along with OC worker unions and local residents to protest for a living wage of $25 an hour at the intersection of Harbor and Katella last night resulting in the peaceful arrest of 21 participants including Anaheim City Councilman Jose Moreno and OC Dems Chairwoman Ada Briceño. 

(Nate Jackson)

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  1. You have to be kidding me. 25/hr. RIGHT! Let’s start with a green card and 11.00. How they think they deserve more than a clerical worker is NUTS! #NOTWORTHIT

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