Cage the Elephant and AJR Take Over Observatory OC for Alt 98.7’s OC Appreciation Day

Cage, the Elephant and AJR, performed at OC Appreciation Day, an event hosted by Alt 98.7 at the Observatory on Sept. 25.

AJR recently made their way from playing music on the streets of New York City and into stardom. Popular hits include “Burn The House Down” and “Dear Winter”.

While they are new to the scene, fans that knew the lyrics sang along and danced as the three brothers performed.

After, some delay, 98.7 DJs from the Woody Show including Woody himself, greeted the anxious fans. Woody explained to the crowd that if they counted down from 60, Cage the Elephant would come out when they finished.

As the crowd grew louder after each count fog and orange spotlights filled the stage. Cheers erupted moments later as the band became visible.

Matt Shultz, lead singer for Cage the Elephant, took the stage wearing a bundled up outfit, a cane and a mask that made the artist look like he had scars from severe burning.

As Shultz began to dance and sway he removed a face mask that revealed another mask. He added a hat and continued performing.

Shultz proceeded to remove layers of clothes revealing multiple bizarre looks. He changed outfits up to twenty times.

At times Shultz would reveal his face but would quickly cover it up with another mask he had in front of him on the stage.

Shultz’s behavior and disregard of personal judgment were befitting to a reincarnated version of Andy Warhol.

At one point, Shultz wore a long-sleeve fishnet shirt, short blue crocheted shorts and spider web tights. The look included various hats that the artist felt completed the outfit.

As he danced around the stage, he began to re-add items of clothing. Shultz continued to accessorize with the cornucopia of clothing at the foot of the stage. The performance was almost as bizarre and unconventional as their music.

At one point Shultz stopped playing and explained to the crowd that all the clothes and masks he chose, represent who he truly is.

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